Project Description

Protecting the rights and dignity of unsheltered San Diegans during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

MoGo has joined forces with Disability Rights California in a lawsuit that seeks immediate access to empty, County-procured hotel rooms for six unhoused San Diegans with underlying medical conditions, including a single mother and her children. San Diego County touts the availability of empty hotel and motel rooms in its proposals to the State to accelerate reopening. Meanwhile, our City of San Diego continues to disregard its own agreements and policies that direct the provision of hotel and motel rooms to some of the San Diegans most vulnerable to the virus – unhoused adults and children with underlying medical conditions. Because of COVID-19’s propensity for rapid community spread, the City’s actions also threaten public safety. Without court intervention, the City will not cease its harmful actions at any time in the foreseeable future.

MoGo is also demanding that San Diego Police immediately suspend their sweeps and the ticketing for “quality of life” offenses of persons who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness.