Equal Opportunity Campaigns

MoGo provides direct support to individuals who have been disenfranchised or discriminated against by our government. We advocate and litigate to ensure government accountability in opportunities and the distribution of resources,


Supporting Formerly Incarcerated Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 does not discriminate, yet formerly incarcerated business owners cannot benefit from the many resources being made available to other business owners. MoGo has teamed up with Innovations City to launch the Justice Initiative, which provides loans, grants and other business-related resources to formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs in San Diego County who were not able to receive government grants. Continue Reading Supporting Formerly Incarcerated Entrepreneurs


Fighting for Unsheltered San Diegans

MoGo has joined forces with Disability Rights California in a lawsuit that seeks immediate access to empty, County-procured hotel rooms for six unhoused San Diegans with underlying medical conditions, including a single mother and her children. The vast majority of hotel rooms overseen by the San Diego County public health department have sat vacant throughout the epidemic. Drawing upon the City's own data, our lawsuit alleges discrimination against unhoused individuals on the basis of disability, race, and familial status. Continue Reading Fighting for Unsheltered San Diegans